• CNY Lunar New Year 2019 opertating Dates


    Dear all customers,

    Happy Lunar New Year to all!

    Here are the business operating dates for this 2019 lunar festive season:

    • 01/02 Friday: Business as usual
    • 02/02 Saturday: Business as usual
    • 03/02 Sunday : Closed
    • Lunar New Year Eve (04/02 Mon) : Closed
    • Lunar New Year Day 1 (05/02 Tue) : Closed
    • Lunar New Year Day 2 (06/02 Wed) : Closed
    • Lunar New Year Day 3 (07/02 Thurs) : Closed
    • Lunar new Year Day 4 onward (08/02 Fri) : Business resumes.

    All online orders sent in on Saturday 02/02 will be processed as per normal. Orders will not be processed for delivery on Monday 04/02  to Thursday 07/02. Thank you for your understanding and have a great holiday!



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