• Dining out during COVID-19


    F&B sector is one of the hardest industries to be hit by the impact of COVID-19. Let’s work together by exercising our social responsibilities.

    Tips and tricks:

    1. Reserve or book you tables here instead of queuing. At the same time, you could jump the queue by selecting your preferred time-slot! You could pre-order your meals here too!
    2. Choose an alfresco seating for more ventilation and fresh air. Alternative, you may still enjoy dining indoors at our marked out seats.
    3. Pay online or via contactless payment modes to reduce contact between yourself and our restaurant staff.
    4. Avoid crowds by dining during restaurant off-peak hours. Get to enjoy off-peak discounts too!
    Use serving utensils provided to portion out dishes for sharing.

    Rattana Thai Restaurant has these in place so you can dine with a peace of mind. Alternatively, You can still choose to order for home delivery. Menu available here. Call: 62244322


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