• Our Culinary Team

    Flame cooking

    Flame cooking

    Our Culinary Team

    Our Executive Chef comes from many years of experiences in culinary skills. Dishes like Pla Meung Man Auu (Lemon Chili Squid), Pla Lapid (Golden Fried Grouper with Thai Chilli), Khao Pad Saparrod (Pineapple Fried Rice) and Keang Khiao Wan (Signature Green Curry) are parts of the signature and must-tries dishes.

    • Awarded one of the best food deals offered by Hungrygowhere.com.sg - NOV 2013
    • Featured on The New Paper Lunch Guide - AUG 2013
    • Featured on LIFE! Straits Times Special - AUG 2011
    • Support of healthier food programm, bestmakan.com certified - 2010/2011


    Our Secret

    Quality of our food plays a very important role, starting from the choosing of raw materials to execution of the dish and finally to the presentation for the our customers. Thai taste can be defined as the clever use of 5 flavours namely: Sweet, salty, sour, spicy and bitter. Using them in the correct volume does make Thai Cuisine taste harmoniously well. And of course, real passion in Thai cooking will make Thai Food taste even better.

    We cook with smiles.